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My e-Portfolio Marni Saenz

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Welcome to Marni Saenz's electronic portfolio





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Welcome to my e-portfolio!  As you can see my name is Marni Saenz, and I am currently enrolled at The University of Texas at Brownsville in the Masters of Educational Technology.  I am a certified teacher for grades PK-6th.  I had taught for 4 years before following my husband who is military over seas.  We are currently stationed in Germany, but we are getting close to retirement and will return home to Texas soon.  I am excited to be going back, and I am planning on trying to have my degree finished before we get back, so that I can go into the technology realm at the schools.  I love teaching and sharing my experiences with others, and I feel that there is a real need for our educators to stay as current as possible with help from the technology department.  When I am finished, I not only will have my Masters degree, but I am also working on getting certified as a Master Teacher of Technology, and e-learning.


As you progress through my portfolio, you will see links at the bottom of each page to take you back to whatever pages you would like to visit.  My portfolio is a culmination of work that I have completed while in the Masters program.  


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mike.sullivan@utb.edu said

at 2:03 am on Sep 8, 2010

great photo!

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